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Senior Portraits

You have dreamed of this year for as long as you can remember...your senior year of high school! This year holds so many memories for both you and your parents. You can't wait to finish this year and finally have some freedom..and mom is wondering where the years went as she still remembers singing softly to you while holding you in her arms. Let's work together to document all the fun things you have in store this year..while still getting mom a portrait on the wall that she can cherish when you are away at college next year. 

Senior collections are as unique as you! Memories by Jen Bailey has a studio for indoor portraits, access to unique outdoor locations and loves implementing creative sessions...if you are up for the challenge! Let's talk and customize your senior experience so that it is one of those memories you will look back on and cherish. 

Session fees range from $199-$699. Let's set up a time to talk about your YOUR senior experience and pick out the session that is perfect for you. 

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