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Be sure to click play to see all the pictures from our session. (There is music on the slideshow) You can also scroll down the page to see the images. 

The 2021 Creative Team girls are incredible. I started interviewing for the 2021 Creative Team in March of 2020...I got a couple girls on the team and then Covid-19 hit. In May, we finished filling the team and I couldn't be more pleased! My hope for the Creative Team was to find  girls from different schools that normally would not have the chance to meet. I wanted them to get to know one another and hopefully by the end of the year, they will have gained another friend or two. The Creative Team is my creative outlet. If I come up with an idea or if I am wanting to try something new, these are the girls that I call first.  It gives me a chance to capture some fun and unique images while providing the girls with something extra to add to their junior/senior year experience. We have 7 incredible girls on our team. The girls are given a theme for each session and they are allowed to wear what they would like for that theme. 


 For their first creative session as a team, they were told to make a dress out of newspapers. That was the only thing they were told and these girls were incredible. Together with their moms, they worked together to create these stunning dresses. (have I mentioned how wonderful the Creative Team moms are?!?!) The girls used newspapers from The Manhattan Mercury, The Wamego Times and The Smoke Signal to create these stunning dresses that really tell a story! 

The girls used a combination of pinwheels, paper fans, curls, rolling the paper, ribbon and sewing to make these dresses come to life! We brought a few accessories and had a great time getting to know one another and creating fun and unique images. 

We had one girl that was unable to attend this event and we definitely missed her, but you will be seeing Laura soon in lots of other sessions. 

Some fun facts about each dress:

Tori made over 40 pinwheels for her dress. She didn't end up using them all, but WOW!! 

Alyssa designed her dress and even sewed a unique design on the back using ribbon. 

Harlie was given the task to make her dress first and got creative using an old dress she had to form the base for her fun and stylish newspaper dress. 

Logan made a fun and unique high-low dress. Be sure to check out her behind the scenes pictures of her dress in the making!

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