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Be sure to click play to see all the pictures from our session. (There is music on the slideshow) You can also scroll down the page to see the images. 

I knew when I created this amazing team, this was a session that we had to do! We went to a vintage van that has been abandoned. Even though it was abandoned, I still got permission from the land owners to be on their property and use the van. This proved to be very important considering someone called the cops on us and thought we were having a party. Ha ha, funny funny considering we were not trying to be discreet and had lights popping and the fog machine going for the session. The cops finally decided we did indeed have permission and let us continue our session. Lesson being...make sure not to trespass and getting permission is important no matter what your age. 

The girls were told to wear something boho or something from the 60's era. I loved loved loved what they came up!! Their styles are unique and yet they meshed together flawlessly! This is one of my favorite sessions and it is going to be tough to beat! 

The 2021 Creative Team girls are incredible. I started interviewing for the 2021 Creative Team in March of 2020...I got a couple girls on the team and then Covid-19 hit. In May, we finished filling the team and I couldn't be more pleased! My hope for the Creative Team was to find  girls from different schools that normally would not have the chance to meet. I wanted them to get to know one another and hopefully by the end of the year, they will have gained another friend or two. The Creative Team is my creative outlet. If I come up with an idea or if I am wanting to try something new, these are the girls that I call first.  It gives me a chance to capture some fun and unique images while providing the girls with something extra to add to their junior/senior year experience. We have 7 incredible girls on our team. The girls are given a theme for each session and they are allowed to wear what they would like for that theme. 


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