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What a special time in your life! Each pregnancy is so special and unique. Those little movements as your little one gets comfy in your ribs, those sweet little hiccups and those kicks that roll your belly from side to side and let you know everything is ok. 


Pregnancy is such a special time in your life and those 9 months will fly by quickly. Let's take an hour or so to capture this precious time. I have over 15 gowns that you are more than welcome to wear for your session. We can do a studio and/or outdoor experience to create custom artwork of you with your pregnancy glow. Each day when you look at your gorgeous pictures, you can talk to your little one about how they were once so little they fit inside your belly and you would rub your hand over them singing a sweet lullaby and imagining their future. 


The best time to get this special moment captured is between 28-34 weeks pregnant..although if you have missed this time frame don't worry. I have captured gorgeous images of mama's to be clear up to 39 weeks pregnant. Maternity sessions are included in the grow with me plan, or start at $100. Contact me today for more information or to schedule your session.

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